Tips for Caring and Landscaping A Natural Turf

Everybody likes a green garden. To have a green turf takes painstaking effort and care to achieve that green status. It is not too difficult to maintain the turf at a horse race or golf course green.

Tips to Care for Natural Turf

Those green turfs that you normally see of golf courses in catalogues are not difficult to maintain. Anybody with interest can perform a landscape design. What is required is some work and following some simple tips. You will be stunned if I were to tell you that you could have an excellent lawn if you apply the 25 mm rule.

Watering of Turf: You should sprinkle the lawn regular with water to ensure that any evaporation loss is replace and that the grass is not deprive of water. To know the amount of water lost during evaporation follow rule of 25.

When watering the yard. When watering is being done, keep a bowl in the area and allow the water to get to the 25mm level in the bowl. After you have finished watering, leave the bowl in the same spot and allow the water to evaporate naturally. Monitor how long it takes the water to evaporate. The lawn will require another round of watering after the water as evaporated.

To get the best result, watering should be heavy and irregular instead of shallow and frequent. Watering when done shallow, the grass root start looking for water and the root of grass are not deep enough to reach water underground. Also be careful to avoid water flooding in any area of the turf. Water logging would certainly damage the grass in area where there is flooding.

Over-watering is not going to destroy the grass but logging of water will surely destroy the grass. In most cases over-watering is consider beneficial. Occasional over-watering combined with nitrogen rich fertilizer will certainly help in development of spongy grass on which you will be happy when walking on it.

Morning period is the best time to do watering because it gives the water time to penetrate deeply into the ground. The rate of water evaporation is very high in the afternoon. Watering in the afternoon, will result in high evaporation rate defeating the purpose of watering. It is not desirable for water to evaporate fast, the reason for watering is for water to reach the ground and also pass through the soil surface, so watering in the early morning or evening time when evaporation is not fast and the ideal periods to watering.

Mowing of The Lawn

The second care you need to give to your lawn is mowing the lawn timely and carefully. This is the third rule when maintaining a natural lawn. The ideal length when mowing your lawn should not be more than a 3rd of the current blade length. Cutting your grass like a marine crew cut is not recommended for the proper development of green grass. A marine crew cut will have a negative effect of the development of the grass.

The grass root system development is affect negatively if you give it a close cut and will make the grass not to develop quickly. Therefore, the turf grass must not be cut to ground level. The blade length to be used when cutting grass should be between 20 to 40 mm. For instance, buffalo grass should grow to between 30 to 40 mm either in the summer or winter months before you cut. You could visit our website for more information.

After cutting, the cut grass may the left instead of clearing as the cut grass provides nutrition for the grass in the ground. Be careful that thatching of soil does not happen; otherwise, the growth of the grass can be affected.