Knowledgeable Appliance Repair Man In Sherman Oaks

It wasn’t too long ago before my brand new refrigerator decided to stop working. The manufacturer warranty had conveniently expired and I was left on my own to find a reputable repair shop. I contacted a tech and fortunately enough they came out within hours. He immediately diagnosed the problem and let me know that the temperature sensor was no longer functioning and it needed to be replaced. He advised me that the fridge still works but the sensor needed to be changed soon to prevent further issues.

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The part was ordered and replaced in no time. The best part about it was, they didn’t charge me an arm and a leg for appliance repair sherman Oaks labor. They charged me for the sensor, direct from the manufacturer and with a low labor rate. I couldn’t be happier. I let him know I was very happy with the pricing and service and would definitely use them again.

Not too long after, my washer was leaking. I again called the company and requested the same technician. He came out the next day and discovered and diagnosed the issues. He said he had the part on his truck and could replace it that afternoon. I agreed and my washer was up and running in no time. After fixing the issues, he explained how to prevent the issues from occurring again. He and all the other employees from the company are very knowledgeable and would highly recommend. It was worth every dollar I spent and they guarantee their work. They will no go and charge you for something that they were supposed to originally fix.

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